Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I originally applied to KCC but will not be attending. How do I get you to stop calling and emailing me?

A: You must contact the Admissions office and let them know to cancel/inactivate your application. You can let them know by telephone at (808)-734-9555, email to or in-person at the Kekaulike Information and Service Center, Ilima building, Room 102.

Q: My older brother/sister/friend is going to KCC. Do I still need to attend the New Student Orientation (NSO) since he/she can help me out with all my questions?

A: All first-time freshmen students must complete the mandatory New Student Orientations. Information and academic processes are constantly being updated, so a NSO for your friend may be different than yours.

Q: Where do I go to register?

A: Registration takes place at your New Student Orientation. Classes fill up quickly so make sure to attend the earliest NSO as possible.

Q: I don’t live in Honolulu and I won’t be able to come to the island until school starts. What do I do?

A: If you live off-island, you have an option to do an over-the-phone New Student Orientation. Please contact us, using your account email, at so that we can schedule an over-the-phone appointment.

Q: Do I need a student ID?

A: You will need a student ID if you want a school U-Pass (bus pass) and access library services. You do not need a student ID in order to attend classes.

Q: I emailed you three days ago using my personal email address. Why did no one respond?

A: For your protection and privacy, the FYE office only communicates with students via your account email.